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The Living End on vinyl! (Imports)


Image of The Living End on vinyl! (Imports)

Choose from the menu. Each record is individually priced starting at $22.99. I can't explain the price on the imports. My guess is that the label (Music on Vinyl) pays so much for the licenses that they have to price at major labels levels.

The Living End(s/t) LP (IMPORT) $26.99

The Living End's 1998 S/T album that put them on the radar in the US and beyond.

A1 Prisoner Of Society
A2 Growing Up (Falling Down)
A3 Second Solution
A4 West End Riot
A5 Bloody Mary
A6 Monday
A7 All Torn Down
B1 Save The Day
B2 Trapped
B3 Have They Forgotten
B4 Fly Away
B5 I Want A Day
B6 Sleep On It
B7 Closing In

Roll On LP (IMPORT) $29.99

Red Vinyl/Numbered
The Living End's 2000 album has developed a cult following over the years. Each copy is numbered 0001 to 1500. Reissued in 2018.

A1 Roll On
A2 Pictures In The Mirror
A3 Riot On Broadway
A4 Staring At The Light
A5 Carry Me Home
A6 Don't Shut The Gate
A7 Dirty Man
B1 Blood On Your Hands
B2 Revolution Regained
B3 Silent Victory
B4 Read About It
B5 Killing The Right
B6 Astoria Paranoia
B7 Uncle Harry

Wunderbar LP $22.99

This record is great. Different from their old albums but better in many respects.

A1 Don't Lose It
A2 Not Like The Other Boys
A3 Otherside
A4 Death Of The American Dream
A5 Drop The Needle
A6 Love Won't Wait
B7 Proton Pill
B8 Amsterdam
B9 Too Young To Die
B10 Wake Up The Vampires
B11 Rat In A Trap