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SLNR-004LP Ducky Boys - Chasing the Ghost LP


Image of SLNR-004LP Ducky Boys - Chasing the Ghost LP

Ducky Boys second comeback album. How many times does a band get a chance at a revival? We'll see. Round 4 isn't too far off. This album is a time capsule of those grueling days and weeks in the aftermath of an unexpected break-up. You get the whole spectrum of emotions here and it ends just as it always does, finding a way to move forward. This record exorcised demons.

A1 New Chapter
A2 Nobody's Home
A3 Won't You Come Home?
A4 Surrogates
A5 I Guess I'm Broken
A6 Getting Better
A7 You Sing The Chorus
A8 An Angel Like You
B1 Cure Me
B2 Goodbye & Good Luck
B3 Hey Liberty
B4 I Lied
B5 That Which Doesn't Kill Me
B6 Feeling Alive
B7 Medicine
B8 The Sweetest Girl
B9 There's Always Another Way