Q: Do you take demo submissions?

A: Believe me, we are not the people you want to send your demo to.

Q: Are you going to press No Gettin' Out or Dirty Water on vinyl?

A: Eventually.

Q: What's the best way to support what you're doing?

A: Buy some State Line Records vinyl releases please. Thank you.

Q: How does the arrangement with Kings of Nuthin' and Showcase Showdown work?

A: They get a license payment for every shirt/hoodie or what-have-you that sells on the site. Artwork is provided by the bands or approved by them at the least. I can't really speak to any expansion of the shirt designs being offered. If either band wants to produce new designs then I'll print them. It's up to them though.

Q: Will you carry my band's record on your site?

A: Probably not. I've done that a few times and inevitably end up returning the records to the band. It just never works. You're better off selling it at your shows and on your own site.

Q: Will you include my band in your Record Club?

A: If I like it then I'll ask you.