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Get-Punk FAQ

Q: Why can't I find my favorite punk classic on vinyl?
A: Most classic records are in print. The nature of the vinyl industry is that options are plentiful when a record is first pressed and it becomes a little tougher and tougher to find until it's gone. Then the label represses it again. Rinse, repeat. Etc.

Q: What is going on with the delays in vinyl pressing?
A: I hear there are significant delays. Everything is taking longer to get pressed so records are disappearing from the market (see previous question) for longer than they should. New releases have been impacted significantly. Reissues and represses will come along when they come along.

Q: Can you get me the record that I can't find?
A: Maybe. I can poke around at the various distributors I buy from. But just be patient and it will return to print soon.

Q: What happens if people pre-order and you can't get enough records?
A: That has never been a problem until 2021. Records are shipped in the order they are purchased. If they cut me off at 20 then the 21st person and beyond would get a full refund of the record and applicable shipping fees. There won't be any more pre-orders in 2021 or until the vinyl market stabilizes. There are plenty of other punk rock records out there to be heard. This isn't to say there won't be new releases.... I just won't sell them until they're in hand.