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Return Policy

This really depends on a lot of factors starting with why? Keep in mind that about 1 in 100 vinyl records will skip. I believe that number is higher with color vinyl. As the Godfather said "this is the business we're in." People that buy vinyl know that's a risk.

I use USPS Media Mail for shipping. It's the most affordable method of moving records through the mail and takes about 7 days coast to coast. I take special care in my packing of records and the cost of packaging supplies is what drives the shipping price, not just postage.  

If you purchase a record produced by Taang! or BYO then please be sure to clean the record. Both labels ship without a bag or shrink wrapping in some cases and that creates an opportunity for your record to get dirty. The bags on the record in your order were placed on there by me, not the label or their distributor. Please clean those before reporting as defective. That has resolved all but 1 issue with a BYO split and that's out of hundreds and hundreds sold.

Sometimes the post office will demolish a package. I always ask for picture. Not because I don't believe you but I use them to better pack my shipments in the future. If they destroy your package then get in touch. Some people are cool with bent cardboard since that can happen even with the best packaging. I'm not gonna leave you swinging with a broken record or an item you don't want though. Don't worry about that.

Replacement jackets are not available except for some of the SLR releases. Other labels don't make replacement jackets available for distribution. I am not able to replace a jacket. 

Any records that arrive her with seem split or any defect to the packaging gets listed for $2 off with the description "Imperfect Jacket." That doesn't mean that seem split won't happen in the mail. Seem split it caused by a record sliding around inside a jacket. The broken seem is an impact wound from the record inside. 

The proper way to ship a record is to remove it from the shrink wrapping and take the record out of the jacket for shipping. I have done this in the past and then got email stating that I was selling used records marked as new. There will be a shipping upgrade option soon that will allow for records to be removed from the shrink wrap.