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Art Thieves - Russian Rats LP (Limited Pink Vinyl)

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Image of Art Thieves - Russian Rats LP (Limited Pink Vinyl)
  • Image of Art Thieves - Russian Rats LP (Limited Pink Vinyl)
  • Image of Art Thieves - Russian Rats LP (Limited Pink Vinyl)

It’s scary not knowing how this ride is gonna end. Maybe, 15-20 years from now we’ll look back on it, and recognize it as the moment America made a decision to collectively say "fuck you" to the patriarchy; to the 1%; to the religious right. Or maybe we’re going to all be wondering how the Handmaid’s Tale predicted the future. This moment feels important, and important moments should have a soundtrack. A good one, though. One that sounds like some good punk shit that couldn’t quite crack the mainstream in the 80’s.

Art Thieves can’t get out of their own heads. They take themselves too seriously, and at the same time, not at all seriously enough because - what if someone caught them taking themselves too seriously? There’s too much in the air not to capture it, try to bottle it up, light it on fire, and throw it through a fucking window. There’s no pure art. Everything is derivative. But we still need that soundtrack to capture the spirit of the moment. Something that conveys uneasiness and paranoia, but with a splash of unearned confidence. Russian Rats comes out on 9/14/2018 on State Line Records.

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A1 Intro
A2 Proxies
A3 The Untouchables
A4 I'm Being Watched
A5 Things I Want
A6 Hate Me Harder
B7 The Old Brigade
B9 Oakland Avenue Punx
B10 So, We're Being Lied To
B11 The Cops
B12 This Is Low Art

Pressing information
Test Pressing - 5 (retained by band/label)
Pressing 1 - Pink vinyl - 350 pieces