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Stolen Wheelchairs - Out of Steps CD

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Stolen Wheelchairs are the latest punk rock band from Philadelphia to throw their hat in the ring and let their story be heard. Here's the thing - Out of Steps is the product of one really talented 16 year old kid, Osc4r Capps. Ok, he's 17 now. He not only wrote all of the songs, he performed every instrument, engineered the recording and then mixed and mastered it. This is authentic teenage angry, hyper punk rock in the vein of Dag Nasty, Bad Religion, Gorilla Biscuits and..... Minor Threat. Some of you may hear The Unseen, The Casualties or even Far From Finished in there.

You get 5 great punk rock songs from the next generation of punk. If Oscar is making this music at 16 then thing of what he'll do when he's 30.

Out of Steps is available on CD and vinyl.

Stolen Wheelchairs are now an existing band and are positioned well to play weekend shows on the east coast. Feel free to contact with any inquiries.

1. Breaking Down
2. Vandalism
3. No Decaf
4. In Their Eyes
5. Self Harm