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SLNR-017LP Ducky Boys - Dark Days LP (color vinyl)

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Image of SLNR-017LP Ducky Boys - Dark Days LP (color vinyl)

Ducky Boys classic 1998 album on vinyl for the first time. Remastered and cleaned up for this reissue.

First pressing:
250 Clear Vinyl LPs (2 LEFT)
150 Green Vinyl LPs (SOLD OUT)
100 Yellow Vinyl LPs (SOLD OUT)

A1 These Are The Days
A2 Out Of The Rut
A3 Me Against The World
A4 Do You Wrong
A5 We'll Find A Way
A6 All For One & One For All
A7 I've Got My Friends
B8 Fourteen
B9 I'll Rise Up
B10 Another Day
B11 A Better Life
B12 Misfit
B13 No Tales To Tell
B14 The Ballad Of The Forgotten

For the digital version of this album please go here and get two bonus tracks: