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SLNR-021CD Oxymoron - Feed the Breed CD


Image of SLNR-021CD Oxymoron - Feed the Breed CD

State Line Records is proud to release Oxymoron's final album of their career. This is the first time that Feed the Breed has been available in the United States since 2001.

Oxymoron started off with a band on F**k the 90's. They followed that up with The Pack Is Back which is arguably better than their debut. Is their third and final full length, Feed the Breed, their best? You decide.

Packaging is identical to the original in order to maintain the band's vision. Pressing info below.

1 Here We Go...
2 Hit The Road (Again)
3 What's Going On
4 Big Mouth
5 Wild And Dangerous
6 R.I.P.
7 21st Century
8 Bullet-Proof
9 Don`t Call Me Cunt
10 Psychopath
11 The Day After
12 Stereotype
13 Alive Or Dead
14 Under Pressure