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SLNR-018LP Pinkerton Thugs - End of an Era LP


Image of SLNR-018LP Pinkerton Thugs - End of an Era LP

Pinkerton Thugs' End of an Era album stands the test of time. It was released toward the tail end of the 90's Boston thing but it has remained a favorite for many. This is the first time End of an Era has been released on vinyl. And it was remastered just for the occasion.

250 White Vinyl LPs
150 Translucent Blue Vinyl LPs
100 Opaque Red Vinyl LPs (sold out)

Please note that, while each LP will come with a download code, the digital rights to this album otherwise belong to the band. This album has been remastered for LP, CD and digital release. I've given the digital master to the band so that they can benefit from the sales of it.

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A1 The Times
A2 Factory Life
A3 Never Say Die
A4 Youth
A5 Another Story
A6 I Remember
B7 Where The Money Goes
B8 No Heros No Justice
B9 Brighter Day
B10 Together
B11 Don't Tread On Me
B12 Never Again
B13 End Of An Era