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Get-Punk Record Club (Open now for June 2023)


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Open Now for June 2023 additions and monthly payments
Open to residents of the US.
Now in its 7th year calendar year.

To be clear, you're getting punk rock of some style. There are so many sub-genres today that it allows for a pretty wide array of sounds.

What do you do?
We send you a vinyl selection-of-the-month or two each month. What you receive will have a $20 retail value. It could be an LP. It could be a 7” and an LP. It could be two 7"s. It depends on its value. The price of this hasn't gone up since it started in January 2017 but the whole sale costs have. It's more likely to be a single LP going forward but there will be exceptions here and there, I'm sure.

Do I know what I'm getting?
No. You receive a package and you have no idea what's going to be inside.

What if the first one sucks?
Stick around a bit. The sequencing of selections is similar to sequencing of a set-list or an album; it has ups and downs in energy and tempo. If you join during a folk-punk month then stick it out and you'll get something heavier soon etc etc etc. There are a lot of styles we hit.

When do you ship?
You pay a month in advance. Packages ship no later than the 15th of the next month. Lately it has been much earlier than that.

How do I pay?
You place your initial order here for the length of time you want to be a part. After that time expires then you’ll receive an email on about the 15th of the following month with the payment link for the next month. At that time you can come back here and extend it for a length of time or just pay when you get the monthly email.

Why should we trust your judgment?
Well….. if you like the records that you see on this site then you know what you’re getting into. If you want to quality check my picks then scroll below to see a select history.

What if I want to cancel?
Then you can. Just reply to the reminder email and tell me you'd like to tap out. Some people even tell me in advance that they will be leaving with a few months notice. People that pre-pay receive an email when their pre-paid time is expired. A person may choose not to renew at that time.

If I pre-pay and want to cancel then do you refund me?
No. You simply would not be renewed beyond the time of the pre-pay.

What if you send me something I already have?
If you bought it from this site then I won't send you something you already have. However, it is possible that you could get something that you bought elsewhere. It hasn't been a complaint yet. I wouldn't be scouting out new bands if you already have them. But our outlook is, if you get a duplicate then it's only right that you pass one of those copies onto someone else that might also dig it. It's really about promoting up-and-coming music and some forgotten gems.

For a list of past selections please see the Get-Punk Record Club Archive page on the menu. Please note: the listing hasn't been updated for for a while due to shipping irregularities and supply problems. I'll update it eventually. Some recent inclusions were :
January 2022 - Dirty Shrines - Digital Ego (members of Elway)
February 2022 - Heart & Lungs w/ Chet Knight and the No Disciples
March 2022 - Doc Rotten
April 2022 - Michael Kane & The Morning Afters
May 2022 - Radio Compass
June 2022 - Jesse Ahern
July 2022 - Alldeepends
August 2022 - New Junk City
September 2022 - No Trigger
October 2022 - Geoff Palmer covering DeeDee Ramone
November 2022 - Lenny Lashley's Gang of One
December 2022 - Dead 77
January 2023 - Sludeworth
February 2023 - Danny Carney Chainsaw Symphony