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Kings of Nuthin - Official CDs


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  • Image of Kings of Nuthin - Official CDs

I think we all know the drill at this point. Zack cleans out his basement and sends me boxes of CD's that he finds. All bands end with a massive debt. Hopefully they have paid that off by now but it's nice to be able to send money back to the guys so they can recoup a few bucks. So these are basically consignment copies. You guys buy the CD's and I send a percentage of the sale to Zack. They seem pretty happy so far. You all have sent a lot of coin their way this year.

Repeat, these are CD's and not records. CD's. CD's. CD's.

Over the Counter Culture

1 Over The Counter Culture
2 If I Were You
3 For You
4 Banned From The Pubs
5 Only Time
6 Quick Fix
7 Women And Cadillacs
8 Nation On Fire
9 Here We Are Nowhere
10 Judge Or Jury
11 No Brains
12 Tore Up
13 You Don't Think
14 I Smell A Rat

Old Habits Die Hard

1 Black & Blue
2 Dead Set Against
3 Same Situation
4 Old Habits
5 Promise Not A Threat
6 The List
7 Bystander
8 No Responsibility
9 Shitsville USA
10 Sick & Tired
11 Silver City
12 Asleep At The Wheel
13 Man Down
14 Flake
15 Expiration Date
16 You're Fucked
17 Rhythm & Booze
18 Congratulation

DVD version:

Live At Rock My Ass Festival / Lichtenfels 08/31/2007

DVD-1 Intro / New Thing Nuthin'
DVD-2 If I Were You
DVD-3 Black & Blue (New)
DVD-4 Other Side Of Hope
DVD-5 Waitin' To Leave
DVD-6 The Kids Will Have No Say
DVD-7 Fight Song For Fuck-Ups
DVD-8 Women And Cadillacs
DVD-9 Here We Are Nowhere
DVD-10 For You
DVD-11 Sick & Tired (New)
DVD-12 Shit Out Of Luck