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The Dirty Nil - Fuck Art LP (pink vinyl)


Image of The Dirty Nil - Fuck Art LP (pink vinyl)

If you've walked within 5 feet of me since 2018 then you've had to listen to me talk about this band. Forget the press sheet, I'll write it myself.

The Dirty Nil are a 3 piece rock band from Canada. I'm a child of Guns N' Roses and Nirvana. If The Dirty Nil existed in 1991 they would be as famous as those bands. Don't believe me? Hear them.

They released a collection of singles on Fat Wreck but otherwise The Dirty Nil are released by a Canadian label. It's really hard to find their albums in the US at affordable prices and I finally figured out why: US distributors pay Canadian dollars for these records and then charge us as if they were US dollars. Seriously. That's what kept their album Master Volume away from the Record Club for 2 and a half years. But got bless Dine Alone Records; they're selling to me directly now so we can all enjoy the Nil at reasonable prices in the US.

Fuck Art was release on January 1, 2021. It's full of excellent song writing, clever lyrics, some tom foolery and all qualities that will endear the Nil to your hearts. This is a poppy, guitar rock band. Imagine Cheap Trick/Weezer and catchy bands like that with Angus Young on guitar and Motorhead's backline. Plus they are hams. Great entertainers. Enjoy. I know you will.

A1 Doom Boy
A2 Blunt Force Concussion
A3 Elivs '77
A4 Done With Drugs
A5 Ride Or Die
B1 Hang Yer Moon
B2 Damage Control
B3 Hello Jealousy
B4 To The Guy Who Stole My Bike
B5 One More And The Bill