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The Boils - From the Bleachers LP


Image of The Boils - From the Bleachers LP

The Boils' 2005 album repressed on Six Feet Under Records. For those of you too young to remember, the Boils were one of the popular street punk bands from Philly in the late 90's. These guys played everywhere!

A1 The Iron Eagle And The Liberty Bell
A2 Blood On The Fields
A3 Dominate
A4 A Far Cry From Extinction
A5 Bullies
A6 Into The Enemy
A7 Blue Route Blues
A8 Mjollnir
A9 Crossover Rules
A10 Bed Of Whiskey
A11 The Arson Song
B1 The Cogs Will Turn
B2 El Lagarto
B3 Slit Your Throat
B4 Declaration Of War
B5 The Vatican
B6 Valley Of Death
B7 In The Scope Of The Hunter
B8 Teach Arrives
B9 Skinhead Reggae Beach Stomp
B10 Philly Shreds