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Slapshot on vinyl


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  • Image of Slapshot on vinyl
  • Image of Slapshot on vinyl
  • Image of Slapshot on vinyl
  • Image of Slapshot on vinyl

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Boston hardcore legends. They ruled the 80's, the 90's and they are still kings of the scene today.

Back on the Map 12" (red vinyl) $21.99
Slapshot's 1986 12" EP is back in press and on red vinyl.

A1 Back On The Map
A2 Addiction
A3 Where There's Smoke
B1 It's Happening Today
B2 Chip On My Shoulder
B3 Moment Of Truth
B4 Killing Frost

Step On It LP $19.99
A1 Step On It
A2 Chameleon
A3 No Time Left
A4 Kill For A Drink
A5 Show The Way
A6 The Same Mistake
A7 No Friend Of Mine
B1 I've Had Enough
B2 Could It Be
B3 No Guts No Glory
B4 Rise & Fall
B5 Hang Up Your Boots
B6 Enforcer
B7 In Your Face

Old Tyme Hardcore LP $19.99
A1 Coaches Speech
A2 Olde Tyme Hardcore
A3 Silence
A4 Pennies From Heaven
A5 What's On Your Mind
A6 In My Head
B1 Lip Service
B2 Get It Away
B3 If You Had
B4 I Knew I'd Lose

Digital Warfare LP $19.99
Slapshot's 2003 album on I Scream Records. Ed Lalli from Welch Boys plays guitar on this! Pretty cool.

A1 Digital Warfare
A2 The Last Laugh
A3 Identity
A4 Kill Your Parents
A5 Spirit Of '81
A6 Straight Edge
B1 Had It With Unity
B2 Tear Down The Walls
B3 Stupid Fucking Kids
B4 Focus
B5 Wasted Time
B6 Witch Hunt
B7 Jailbreak
B8 Bullet On Mott St.

s/t LP (IMPORT) $26.99 The last copy has a bit of a bend to the cardboard so it's only $23.99
A1 Intro
A2 I Told You So
A3 Go Hard
A4 Kill It With Fire
A5 Until It's Gone
A6 Fuck It
A7 Soft
A8 Nothing At All
B1 Low Life
B2 Freezer Burn
B3 You're On My List
B4 One And Done
B5 Blood On The Floor
B6 Never Trust A Junkie
B7 Personal Jesus
B8 Outro

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