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Mad Parade - Bombs and the Bible LP


Image of Mad Parade - Bombs and the Bible LP

Mad Parade did a split with the Bruisers in the 90's and I could never find that damn thing. Anyway, this album was originally released in 2003 on Dr. Strange Records. Pressed on vinyl by Last Punkrockers Records in 2019. The reissue actually has white font on the cover instead of yellow. Green vinyl.

A1 Freak Show
A2 Countdown
A3 A Thousand Words
A4 Teenage Magazine
A5 Murder In Manhatten
A6 I Don't Like Mondays
B1 Man Of Steel
B2 Infamy
B3 Eye in The Sky
B4 Frightening
B5 Prisoner
B6 Shanty Towne
B7 Sky Is Falling

Pressing info:
100 on black vinyl
400 on green with black splatter vinyl