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Individual Record Bags (plastic sleeves)


Image of Individual Record Bags (plastic sleeves)

This is the start of the supplies section.

FYI - it's really hard to picture these items since they're clear plastic and essentially invisible unless you're in person. lolzz

A lot of people have asked me where to get the record bags that SLR titles are bagged in. They're sort of a "snug fit" and most stores don't carry them. You can get them and other sized record bags here starting now.

Please note that these are meant to be add-on items. If you're looking to get any of these in larger quantities than a handful to a dozen then sent me a message and I can help you out.

What's on the menu?
7" record bags. It drives me mad when these don't have a bag on them. $0.25

10" records bags. I'm gonna be honest with you. You only want as many of these as you need. That it from me..... one stray 10" bag falling on the floor is like a greased up banana peel. $0.40

12" Snug Fit bags. Made for a single record with standard jacket. $0.40

12" Loose Fit bags. Perfect for single LP's with gatefold packaging or double LP's. These are the bags that I use to securely package your orders. $0.35

Currently set for add-on shipping in the US and Canada.