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Elliott Smith on vinyl!


Image of Elliott Smith on vinyl!
  • Image of Elliott Smith on vinyl!
  • Image of Elliott Smith on vinyl!
  • Image of Elliott Smith on vinyl!
  • Image of Elliott Smith on vinyl!

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Elliott Smith LP (self titled) $22.99
His 1995 sophomore album. Includes the song Needle in the Hay made famous by the attempted suicide scene in the Royal Tenenbaums.

A1 Needle In The Hay
A2 Christian Brothers
A3 Clementine
A4 Southern Belle
A5 Single File
A6 Coming Up Roses
B1 Satellite
B2 Alphabet Town
B3 St. Ides Heaven
B4 Good To Go
B5 The White Lady Loves You More
B6 The Biggest Lie

Either/Or LP $22.99
Elliott Smith's breakthrough album. A must have regardless of what type of tunes you usually jam.

A1 Speed Trials
A2 Alameda
A3 Ballad Of Big Nothing
A4 Between The Bars
A5 Pictures Of Me
A6 No Name No. 5
B1 Rose Parade
B2 Punch And Judy
B3 Angeles
B4 Cupid's Trick
B5 2:45 AM
B6 Say Yes

XO LP $21.99
First major label album from 1998. Mostly with a full band.

A1 Sweet Adeline
A2 Tomorrow Tomorrow
A3 Waltz #2 (XO)
A4 Baby Britain
A5 Pitseleh
A6 Independence Day
A7 Bled White
B1 Waltz #1
B2 Amity
B3 Oh Well, Okay
B4 Bottle Up And Explode!
B5 A Question Mark
B6 Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands
B7 I Didn't Understand

Figure 8 2xLP $25.99
Second major label album from 2000. The wall behind him on the cover is some sort of photo-op tourist spot like the Strummer mural in NYC.

A1 Son Of Sam
A2 Somebody That I Used To Know
A3 Junk Bond Trader
A4 Everything Reminds Me Of Her
B1 Everything Means Nothing To Me
B3 In The Lost And Found (Honky Bach)
B4 The Roost
B5 Stupidity Tries
C1 Easy Way Out
C2 Wouldn't Mama Be Proud?
C3 Color Bars
C4 Happiness
D1 The Gondola Man
D2 Pretty Mary K
D3 I Better Be Quiet Now
D4 Can't Make A Sound
D5 Bye

From A Basement On The Hill 2xLP $26.99
The album Elliott Smith was working on when he died. It was released a year later on Epitaph. Now on Kill Rock Stars.

A1 Coast To Coast
A2 Let's Get Lost
A3 Pretty (Ugly Before)
B1 Don't Go Down
B2 Strung Out Again
B3 A Fond Farewell
B4 King's Crossing
C1 Ostrich & Chirping
C2 Twilight
C3 A Passing Feeling
C4 The Last Hour
D1 Shooting Star
D2 Memory Lane
D3 Little One
D4 A Distorted Reality Is Now A Necessity To Be Free

New Moon 2xLP $26.99
A compilation of songs left off his early albums. There are a bunch of songs here from the Either/Or sessions. If you take these plus Either/Or and the expanded version of that album then you have almost 3 albums worth of material.
A1 Angel In The Snow
A2 Talking To Mary
A3 High Times
A4 New Monkey
A5 Looking Over My Shoulder
A6 Going Nowhere
B1 Riot Coming
B2 All Cleaned Out
B3 First Timer
B4 Go By
B5 Miss Misery (Early Version)
B6 Thirteen
C1 Georgia, Georgia
C2 Whatever (Folk Song In C)
C3 Big Decision
C4 Placeholder
C5 New Disaster
C6 Seen How Things Are Hard
D1 Fear City
D2 Either/Or
D3 Pretty Mary K (Other Version)
D4 Almost Over
D5 See You Later
D6 Half Right

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