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Duane Peters' US Bombs - Road Case LP


Image of Duane Peters' US Bombs - Road Case LP

Duane Peters is back with a new line-up of US Bombs. Full disclosure: Kerry Martinez is NOT involved with this line-up of the band.

Slope Records description: Road Case's opening track, "Riot Sirens" is classic U.S.Bombs all the way and when the Master of Disaster, Duane Peters, starts off with a line like, "Tonight's the night, be ready for a riot." you know it's time to buckle up and take a ride with him and the boys. Guest appearances by some friends from The Blankz, The Father Figures, and Meat Puppets, came to this recording ready to rock (and write) another chapter in the illustrious history of the band that can't be broken. 12 strong tracks with the classic Bombs sound and some varied as London Calling!

180g, red translucent vinyl

A1. Riot Sirens
A2. Pink Motel Hell
A3. Fire Lake
A4. Something To Believe In
A5. Never Them
A6. Redlights
B7. Refugee
B8. Hide-A-Way
B9.Kill Kill Kill
B10. Barracuda Baby
B11. A- Bomb Story
B12. Needles