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Dropkick Murphys - The Singles Collection 1 (96 - 97) 2xLP


Image of Dropkick Murphys - The Singles Collection 1 (96 - 97) 2xLP

These were the days to be a teenage punk rocker in Boston. Dropkick Murphys hit the Boston scene hard and they just kept hitting us with 7" and 7" followed by some high profile splits, compilation tracks and then..... BOOM!...... Do or Die. This collection features songs from their splits with The Bruisers, The Ducky Boys, Anti-Heros along with the songs from Tattoos and Scally Caps and Fire & Brimstone. PLUS..... PLUS.... you get their live set from the Do or Die release party. I was there. It was madness. A recording could never capture the tension in the room followed by the set of a band that had clearly turned a corner and were on their way.

Those were the days.

A1 Barroom Hero
A2 Fightstarter Karaoke
A3 John Law
A4 Regular Guy
A5 3rd Man In
A6 Career Opportunities (Live)
B7 Never Alone
B8 Take It Or Leave It
B9 Eurotrash
B10 Front Seat
B11 Denial
B12 Billy's Bones
C13 Road Of The Righteous
C14 Guns Of Brixton (Live)
C15 Cadence To Arms (Live)
C16 Do Or Die (Live)
C17 In The Streets Of Boston (Live)
C18 Never Alone (Live)
D19 Get Up (Live)
D20 Far Away Coast (Live)
D21 Boys On The Docks (Live)
D22 Skinhead On The MBTA (Live)
D23 I've Had Enough (Live)
D24 White Riot (Live)