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19.99 LP's - Desaparecidos, Green Day, Jay Reatard


Image of 19.99 LP's - Desaparecidos, Green Day, Jay Reatard

Desaparecidos - Payola
A1 The Left Is Right
A2 The Underground Man
A3 City On The Hill
A4 Golden Parachutes
A5 Radicalized
A6 MariKKKopa
A7 Te Amo Camila Vallejo
B1 Ralphy's Cut
B2 Backsell
B3 Slacktivist
B4 Search The Searches
B5 10 Steps Behind
B6 Von Maur Massacre
B7 Anonymous

Green Day - Revolution Radio
A1 Somewhere Now
A2 Bang Bang
A3 Revolution Radio
A4 Say Goodbye
A5 Outlaws
A6 Bouncing Off The Wall
B1 Still Breathing
B2 Youngblood
B3 Too Dumb To Die
B4 Troubled Times
B5 Forever Now
B6 Ordinary World

Jay Reatard ‎– Singles 06-07 2xLP
A1 Night Of Broken Glass
A2 Another Person
A3 All Over Again
A4 Feeling Blank Again
B1 I Know A Place
B2 Don't Let Him Come Back
B3 Hammer I Miss You
B4 It's So Useless
B5 All Wasted
C1 In The Dark
C2 Haunting You
C3 Searching For You
C4 Let It All Go
D1 Blood Visions
D2 Turning Blue
D3 It's So Easy
D4 Oh It's Such A Shame