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Special Orders

Yes, I do special orders. Just shoot me an email or message me through Facebook.

Before I go on, please know the difference between something that is actively in print and something that is not. I have no magical powers to find a rare 7" from 1992. But if you want to do your shopping on this site and there's something I don't carry that you want then, yeah, I do special orders.

I love BigCartel and I'm happy that they host my site. But there is a limit on what I can stock. This doesn't mean there is a limit on what I can get. Someone recently contacted me about a special order for The Adolescents Cropduster LP. I didn't know about it nor intend to carry it but I made the special order and decided to pick up a few extras for anyone else that may be interested.

What's the catch? Well, you gotta pay 100% upfront. I'll send you an itemized invoice via PayPal. Once that is paid (and only when it's paid) I will order the items you want. I don't mean to sound like a hard ass because I'm clearly not. Most special orders get a discount too.