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V/A - One Family, One Flag - 3xLP box - The Best of Pirates Press Records


Image of V/A - One Family, One Flag - 3xLP box - The Best of Pirates Press Records

Pretty much every band you want to hear is on this set. Check out the track listing for yourself. This is the 200th release for Pirates Press Records and it looks back on some of the releases that got them there.

A1 Cock Sparrer - One By One
A2 Booze & Glory - Swingung Hammers
A3 Reducers S.F. -Empty Bottles
A4 Harrington Saints - Saturday In The Sun
A5 Bishops Green - Alone
A6 Noi!se - Idle Action
B7 Lenny Lashley's Gang Of One - Hooligans
B8 The Ratchets - Rockers Taking Over
B9 The Downtown Struts - Rogues
B10 Roadside Bombs - Rise Up
B11 Street Dogs - Certain Fate
B12 The Bar Stool Preachers - One Fool Down
B13 The Interrupters - This Is The New Sound
C14 Sydney Ducks - He Lives For Today
C15 The Complicators - The Next One
C16 Bum City Saints - Heart Beats As One
C17 Off With Their Heads - Die Today
C18 The Struggle - Just Like You
C19 This Means War! - Use It Up
C20 Kicker - Timeless Cliche's
C21 Workin' Stiffs - We Are The Truth
D22 Rancid - Fuck You
D23 Argy Bargy - This Is Me
D24 Evil Conduct - That Old Tattoo
D25 Lion's Law - Way Of Life
D26 45 Adapters - Dress Well, Drink Heavily
D27 Suede Razors - Keep On Rockin'
D28 Tim Timebomb And Friends - Too Much Pressure
E29 The Re-Volts - Piles
E30 Smalltown - Square One
E31 Bombshell Rocks - Scars And Tattoos
E32 Detournement - Awaken With Millions
E33 Territories - Heart That Breaks
E34 The Old Firm Casuals - For The Love Of It All