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V/A - California Scene Report - Eureka! LP


Image of V/A - California Scene Report - Eureka! LP

A bunch of bands from somewhere. Oh... Eureka! California. Eureka even. Orange vinyl.

A1 Damaged – Shoot To Kill
A2 City Of Vain – Song Of The Republic
A3 West Lords – Street Rocker
A4 Anti-Social – Darkness In The World
A5 Riotgun. – Life's Too Short
A6 Repeat Offenders – Our Wounds
A7 The Defenders – Quiet Town
A8 Setting Sons – Never Fade Away
B1 Mob Rule – Under A Dying Sun
B2 High & Tight – Beach Riot
B3 Red Devil Lie – Better Watch Out
B4 Guttersnipe Rebellion – Guttersnipe Rebellion
B5 Tried And True – Put In The Boot
B6 The Strange Party – Videocraft
B7 Broken Patron Saints – Tough Break
B8 Vatican Assassins – Blow Up Walgreens

299 on orange-white-green vinyl
107 on black vinyl
98 on orange vinyl