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Thumper - No One Left the Disco Alive LP


Image of Thumper - No One Left the Disco Alive LP

Thumper were a ska band out of CT in the 90's. This album was originally released by Elevator Music (Showcase Showdown, The Pist) in 1995. It was pressed on vinyl for the first time in 2015 by Asbestos Records. Red vinyl.

A1 Peptide Influences The Folding And Intracellular Transport Of MHC Class 1 Free Heavy Chains
A2 Holy Roller
A3 Burn Baby Burn
A4 Guts
A6 Flow
A7 Friday, February 18th 11:19 AM
A8 Big Evil
B1 No Sleep 'til Beauville
B2 The Same Thing
B3 Hamburger Helper
B4 Love Deranged
B5 Blind Justice
B6 Backed Away
B7 Paralyzed
B8 Grand Moff Polka