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The Slow Death - Punishers LP


Image of The Slow Death - Punishers LP

The Slow Death are from Minneapolis and they're incredible. They have three albums out, the second and third being offered here on Rad Girlfriend Records. This band sounds like the Replacements by way of Off With Their Heads and Dillinger Four. The songs are infectious and I can't recommend these two records enough.

The Slow Death - Punishers LP
A1 Central Air
A2 Be The One
A3 Picking You Up
A4 All We Know
A5 Its Not Enough
A6 Overrated
A7 Classic Dilemma
B1 The Ballad Of Amy From Esco
B2 Bored To Death
B3 Jeane
B4 Anything
B5 Voice 47
B6 Panic
B7 Rick James Dilemma