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The Queers - Love Songs for the Retarded LP


Image of The Queers - Love Songs for the Retarded LP

It's not the most 2021 album title but then again, maybe it's perfect. The Queers classic on Asian Man Records. Smoke color vinyl. This album was originally released in 1993 to the giggling glee of teenagers everywhere. Ursula Finally Has Tits was a classic with my group of friends. Mostly because one of them had a hot cousin named Ursula. You can see what you're getting here. Thumbs up.

A1 You're Tripping
A2 Ursula Finally Has Tits
A3 I Hate Everything
A4 Teenage Bonehead
A5 Fuck This World
A6 I Can't Stop Farting
A7 Feeling Groovy
A8 Debra Jean
B1 Hi Mom, It's Me!
B2 Noodlebrain
B3 I Can't Stand You
B4 Night Of The Livid Queers
B5 Granola Head
B6 I Won't Be
B7 Monster Zero
B8 Daydreaming