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The Casualties - Written In Blood LP (red vinyl)


Image of The Casualties - Written In Blood LP (red vinyl)

This is the first pressing of Written in Blood on red vinyl. Not sure what pressing they are up to now.

If you thought that you knew what the Casualties were capable of then think again. This is their first album with new singer and former Krum Bums vocalist, David Rodriguez. The new addition has rejuvenated the band's spirits and they've put together an album that is going to make you ask "is this really the Casualties?" Think Oxymoron hooks and energy with some songs getting up into the Rancid level of catchiness.

A1 1312
A2 Fucking Hate You
A3 Ashes of My Enemies
A4 Demolition
A5 Guard Dogs
A6 Written in Blood
A7 Feed Off Of Fear
A8 Final Expense
B9 So Much Hate
B10 Ya Basta
B11 All Out War
B12 Smash
B13 Lost
B14 What I Want
B15 Borders