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The Beltones - On Deaf Ears 12”


Image of The Beltones - On Deaf Ears 12”

The only Beltones 12" currently in print. This is a popular one on Get-Punk. This Beltones 12" was released in 1998 on TKO Records. The Beltones have become legends in the underground punk world and they still pop up here and there to play shows.

A1 My Old Man
A2 Insipid Sedentary Girl
A3 Naming My Bullets
A4 Fuck You Anyway
A5 Shoot The Shit
B1 Juvenile Delinquent
B2 Lock And Load
B3 Casualty
B4 Suzy Is A Heartbreaker V 2.0
B5 Let The Bombs Fall