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The Bar Stool Preachers - Grazie Governo LP


Image of The Bar Stool Preachers - Grazie Governo LP

These guys are all the rage right now. Pirate's Press Records is pushing this band pretty hard, and for good reason. The songs are catchy as hell. This is one of Pirate Press Records' more deluxe releases. The record sleeve is actually a stencil of that bands logo. Vandalism optional. It comes in a matte jacket with a high quality matte insert. Big choruses included free of charge. ;)

A1 Grazie Governo
A2 8.6 Days (All The Broken Hearts)
A3 Warchief
A4 Choose My Friends
A6 2:22
B1 Drink
B2 Drive
B3 Cry Wolf
B4 Raced Through Berlin
B5 Since You
B6 Force Fed