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The Aggrolites - s/t 2xLP


Image of The Aggrolites - s/t 2xLP

The Aggrolites 2006 album on Hell-Cat Records was recently reissued by Pirates Press Records. This one is on a double LP

A1 Funky Fire
A2 Mr. Misery
A3 Time To Get Tough
A4 Thunder Fist
A5 Countryman Fiddle
B1 Work To Do
B2 Death At Ten Paces
B3 Someday
B4 The Volcano
B5 Heavier Than Lead
C1 Sound Of Bombshell
C2 Fury Now
C3 5 Deadly Venoms
C4 Grave Digger
C5 Prisoner Song
D1 Love Isn't Love
D2 Sound By The Pound
D3 Lightning & Thunder
D4 A.G.G.R.O.