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Swingin' Utters - Peace and Love LP

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Image of Swingin' Utters - Peace and Love LP

Peace and Love is the Utters most recent studio album to date, released in 2018. Swingin' Utters are an absolute enigma to me. They have been a band for 30 years and they keep growing and trying new sounds. But it all sounds like Swingin' Utters. Some bands figure out what they do and stick with it. The Utters keep shaking the creative tree and lots of fruit keeps falling out. It's remarkable. Peace and Love might be the best record they've done yet and that's saying something.

A1 Undertaker, Undertake
A2 Sirens
A3 Louise And Her Spider
A4 E.C.T.
A5 Dubstep
A6 Constant Companion
A7 Deranged
A8 Demons Of Springtime
B1 Human Potential
B2 Seeds Of Satisfaction
B3 Yes I Hope He Dies
B4 Sleeping
B5 Imitation Of Silence
B6 Drinkist
B7 H.L.S.