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Sick of it All on vinyl


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Sick of it All is one of my favorite bands and I have nothing by them in stock. All of these titles have come and gone but it's time of a SOIA section.

I'm not going to attempt a write-up on each record. Just know that Sick of It All are the undisputed kings of NYHC. There have been few bands in music history that have been able to put forth such consistently great albums over the years. Think Ramones, Motorhead and Swingin' Utters. But Sick of it All.

Based on a True Story LP (Think Fast! 2010)
A1 Death Or Jail
A2 The Divide
A3 Dominated
A4 A Month Of Sundays
A5 Braveheart
A6 Bent Outta Shape
A7 Lowest Common Denominator
B1 Good Cop
B2 Lifeline
B3 Watch It Burn
B4 Waiting For The Day
B5 Long As She's Standing
B6 Nobody Rules
B7 Dirty Money

Built to Last LP (Elektra 1997) Now on Music on Vinyl which is a rather pricey European label.
A1 Good Lookin' Out
A2 Built To Last
A3 Closer
A4 One Step Ahead
A5 Us Vs. Them
A6 Laughingstock
A7 Don't Follow
A8 Nice
B1 Busted
B2 Burn 'Em Down
B3 End The Era
B4 Chip Away
B5 Too Late
B6 Jungle
B7 Untitled
B8 86

Call to Arms LP (Fat Wreck Chords 1999)
A1 Let Go
A2 Call To Arms
A3 Potential For A Fall
A4 Falter
A5 The Future Is Mine
A6 Guilty
A7 Falling Apart
A8 Sanctuary
B1 Morally Confused
B2 Hindsight
B3 Martin
B4 Pass The Buck
B5 Quiet Man
B6 Drastic
B7 (Just A) Patsy

Death to Tyrants LP (Think Fast! 2006)
A1 Take The Night Off
A2 Machete
A3 Preamble
A4 Uprising Nation
A5 Always War
A6 Die Alone
A7 Evil Schemer
A8 Leader
B1 Make A Mark
B2 Forked Tongue
B3 The Reason
B4 Faithless
B5 Fred Army
B6 Thin Skin
B7 Maria White Trash
B8 Don't Join The Crowd

Life on the Ropes (Fat Wreck Chords 2003)
A1 Relentless
A2 All My Blessings
A3 The Land Inncreases
A4 Paper Tiger (Fakin' The Punk)
A5 The Innocent
A6 Silent
A7 For Now
A8 View From The Surface
B1 Going All Out
B2 Rewind
B3 Shot Sandwich
B4 Butting Heads
B5 Take Control
B6 Kept In Check
B7 On The Brink
B8 Trenches

Live in a Dive LP (Fat Wreck Chords 2002)
A1 Good Lookin' Out
A2 Call To Arms
A3 Blown Away
A4 Built To Last
A5 Just Look Around
A6 Let Go
A7 Us Vs. Them
A8 The Bland Within
A9 Disco Sucks Fuck Everything
A10 Injustice System
A11 Potential For A Fall
B1 Scratch The Surface
B2 America
B3 Straight Ahead
B4 Rat Pack
B5 Sanctuary
B6 My Life
B7 Busted
B8 Maladjusted
B9 Goatless
B10 Friends Like You
B11 Clobberin' Time
B12 Step Down
B13 Bullshit Justice

Scratch the Surface LP (EastWest 1993) Now on Music on Vinyl which is a rather pricey European label.

A1 No Cure
A2 Insurrection
A3 Consume
A4 Who Sets The Rules
A5 Goatless
A6 Step Down
A7 Maladjusted
B1 Scratch The Surface
B2 Free Spirit
B3 Force My Hand
B4 Desperate Fool
B5 Return To Reality
B6 Farm Team
B7 Cease Fire