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Sick of it All - Call to Arms LP

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Sick of It All gives it to you straight every time like Motorhead or AC/DC. It doesn't matter if they're on Fat Wreck, Century Media or Geffen; you're always getting a Sick of It All album and Call to Arms isn't an exception to that.

Call to Arms was released in 1999 and they still play some of these songs in their live sets today.

A1 Let Go
A2 Call To Arms
A3 Potentail For A Fall
A4 Falter
A5 The Future Is Mine
A6 Guilty
A7 Falling Apart
A8 Sanctuary
B1 Morally Confused
B2 Hindsight
B3 Martin
B4 Pass The Buck
B5 Quiet Man
B6 Drastic
B7 (Just A) Patsy