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Say-10 Records on vinyl - Smoke or Fire, Everymen, Brutal Youth and more


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Ann Beretta ‎– Old Scars, New Blood LP
Classic Ann Beretta songs re-tracked by the present day band. It's really, really good. And it flew out the door last time I had copies.

A2 Straight Shooter (Election Day)
A3 Love’s Easy Tears
A4 Broadway
A5 Burning Bridges
A6 Vengeance
B1 New Revolution
B2 Glory Bound
B3 Angry All The Time
B4 Russ’ Song
B5 Fairweather
B6 Bottle Caps
B7 Forever Family

Brutal Youth - Stay Honest LP
A1 53°
A2 Boul. Ste. Laurent
A3 NL Time
A4 Hunting Wabbits
A5 1 Lb./Yr.
A6 Best Policy
A7 Albatross
A8 John Hughes Proverbs
B1 ORCA6050
B2 Millennium Falcon
B3 Trim The Fat
B4 For Pete
B5 xPiss And Winex
B6 Dwight
B7 Embitterment
B8 Play Dead
B9 Shortcut Pt. 2
B10 Theory Of Relativity

Brutal Youth - Spill Your Guts LP (single-sided)
A1 2 Hits!
A2 Four Letter Words
A3 Irrational Fear Of Water
A4 So What? Sew Buttons
A5 Artful
A6 4 Chords 3 Words
A7 Emotional Terrorism
A8 Not Angry
A9 Guts & Black Stuff
A10 We Need To Talk
A11 Square Dancing: What Is It? & What Can It Do For You?
A12 Heartsick
A13 A (Partial) List Of... (Unreleased, Demo)
A14 Guts & Black Stuff (Demo)
A15 Four Letter Words (Demo)
A16 So What? Sew Buttons (Demo)

Everymen - May Your Ashes Have Stories to Tell LP
A1 Shake Your Bones
A2 Dead Friends
A3 Annhilation
A4 How To Live
A5 Don't Rain On My Parade
B1 Waking Up Hurts
B2 Time
B3 M.B
B4 Taking Work Home
B5 Don' Stay
B6 Ashes

Jared Hart - Past Lives & Pass Lines LP
A1 The Guillotine
A2 The Leo
A3 Deacon Ain't Dead Yet
A4 Totem
A5 The Runaround
B1 Interlude
B2 Heads Or Tails
B3 Ditch Digger
B4 Basements
B5 Trenton Makes

The Scandals - Lucky Seven 12"
1. Lucky 7's
2. Emerald City
3. Hostage
4. Birthmarks
5. Calling Cards

Smoke or Fire - When the Battery Dies LP
A1 Intro
A2 The Station Wagon Song
A3 Second Wind
A4 Asleep at the Wheel
A5 Afghanistan
A6 September
B1 Running in Circles
B2 Drive to Mexico
B3 Looking Forward
B4 Truckstop

Steve-O & The Crippling Addictions - Desolation Monday LP
A1 Good Kids
A2 The City
A3 Girl One
A4 Girl Two
B1 Elementary, My Dear Watson
B2 Ten-Four
B3 Modern Babylon
B4 Minoritaville

Walk the Plank - Cemetery Vacation LP
1 Work Of Fiction
2 Pity Party
3 I Don't Believe
4 Sea of Scenes
5 Dead Broke
6 Dying On The Vine
7 Scapegoat
8 Emptying My Head
9 Unaware
10 Teacher's Pet
11 Spring 2010