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Pissah bands from Boston! LP's


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These are all bands from Boston or the surrounding area that have made great albums recently. Whether you're from Boston or Pocatello, these are great records. All of them are highly recommended.

Bundles - Deaf Dogs LP
This new-ish Boston band has really been blowing my hair back. For fans of early Against Me! Really for fans of Fest too. These guys should be huge in that world.

A1 Lorem Ipsum
A2 The Commonwealth
A4 The Dornishman's Wife
A5 B&E
A6 Robots Of The Uncanny Valley
B1 The State Of The Seattle
B2 Tomato Tornado
B3 Oh, Brazil
B4 There's A Hole Right In Front Of You
B5 The Glow
B6 In Like A Lion, Out On The Lam

Fit for Abuse - Mindless Violence LP
Debut LP by this Boston hardcore band fronted by Matt Kelly.

A1 Prefabricated
A2 Dropout
A3 World In Panic
A4 The Other White Meat
A5 Tough Guy
A6 Power Corrupts
B1 O A B
B2 One-Way Valve
B3 Fit For Abuse
B4 No Sympathy
B5 I Hate Myself
B6 Leech In My Side

Rebuilder - Rock & Roll in America LP

Rebuilder has toured extensively. They've played The Fest. They've played locally with Iron Chic, The Lawrence Arms and about 8 billion other top acts. Rebuilder knows how to write a song.
A1 The National Bohemian
A2 Look What You've Done
A3 Heart Attack
A4 Le Grand Fromage
A5 Adults
B6 Empty Streets
B7 When I Grow Up
B8 Lukewarm
B9 The White Flag
B10 Hope Diamond
B11 American Dread

Dan Webb and the Spiders - Perfect Problem LP

Dan is one of the best song writers in Boston. The band is incredible.
A1 Not Stoked On Trent
A2 Perfect Problem
A3 Fix This Place
A4 I Know You
A5 Night Games
A6 Moment
B1 The Neighborhood
B2 Broken Things
B3 Rosebud
B4 A Loan
B5 Big Ideas
B6 Numbers

Dan Webb and the Spiders - Much Obliged LP
A1 City By The Sea Part II
A2 Whisper
A3 Brothers
A4 Everyone I Know
A5 Dispatch
A6 28 Years
B1 Flyover Country
B2 Sicker
B3 Numer 13
B4 Seamless Copper
B5 The Right Thing
B6 Shrug

Dan Webb & The Spiders - Oh Sure LP
A1 Everyday Is A Raceday
A2 Just Relax
A3 Everytime
A4 North Station
A5 Next Time
A6 Living Outside
A7 Mikey (Bonus Track)
A8 On Fire (Bonus Track)
B1 Digital Page
B2 I Was a Mess
B3 No Fun
B4 Nothing
B5 Probably Best
B6 You Gotta Way
B7 Eventually (Bonus Track)
B8 Dying (Bonus Track)

Bundles / Dan Webb & The Spiders split LP
Probably my favorite release of 2016. Both sides are solid. This is the best non-BYO split in my opinion.

A1 Bundles - The Prisoner's Dilemma
A2 Bundles - Dead Reckoning
A3 Bundles - Welcome the Rusty Nail
A4 Bundles - Normans at the Battle of Hastings
B5 Dan Webb & The Spiders - No Excuse
B6 Dan Webb & The Spiders - Odd Combinations
B7 Dan Webb & The Spiders - Running Around
B8 Dan Webb & The Spiders - Inside the Cage
B9 Dan Webb & The Spiders - Cold Sunshine