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Rancid - Let's Go (20th Anniversary LP)


Image of Rancid - Let's Go (20th Anniversary LP)

Rancid's 1994 classic that put them on college radio and 128 Minutes. They were still touring on this album in early 1995 when they announced their next album, .......And Out Come the Wolves. They were picking up massive steam and they've stayed just as popular ever since. Some of the songs on Let's Go that they still play today include Nihilism, Radio, Tenderloin, Black and Blue and St. Mary. If you've seen them play then you've heard some of these songs and they aren't even the tip of the iceberg on this one.

A1 Nihilism
A2 Radio
A3 Side Kick
A4 Salvation
A5 Tenderloin
A6 Let's Go
A7 As One
A8 Burn
A9 The Ballad Of Jimmy & Johnny
A10 Gunshot
A11 I Am The One
B1 Gave It Away
B2 Ghetto Box
B3 Harry Bridges
B4 Black & Blue
B5 St. Mary
B6 Dope Sick Girl
B7 International Cover-Up
B8 Solidarity
B9 Midnight
B10 Motorcycle Ride
B11 Name
B12 7 Years Down