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Oxymoron - Fuck the 90's..... LP


Image of Oxymoron - Fuck the 90's..... LP

One of the strongest debut albums in punk rock history. Oxymoron from Germany were popular in their time but they have become a staple of punk rock since their breakup in the early 00's. This album is a must-have for fans of the genre. You won't be disappointed. Imagine Blitz with Rancid-style vocals with good production. One of the reasons these guys stand out from the pack is because their drummer crushes. Most oi drummers suck. Bjorn was like Tommy Lee back there. The match up of that quality performance with Sucker's great songs make these tunes unforgettable.

A1 Bored & Violent
A2 Dead End Generation
A3 Hey You
A4 Dirty Punk
A5 Fuckers Everywhere
A6 Borstal
A7 The Factory
B1 Mohican Tunes
B2 Beware, Poisonous!
B3 Drug Shock
B4 Selfrule
B5 Nuclear War
B6 Dawn Patrol
B7 On The Outside
B8 Strike