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One Man Army - Last Word Spoken LP (color vinyl)


Image of One Man Army - Last Word Spoken LP (color vinyl)

One Man Army was the band that Jack Dalrymple led prior to his later endeavors with Dead to Me, Swingin' Utters and toyGuitar. All three of these albums are popular on Get-Punk.com and Dead End Stories got rave reviews when I sent it out to the Subscription group.

Last Word Spoken LP
One Man Army's second album on Adeline Records released in 2000. Produced by Billie Joe Armstrong.

A1 The Old Songs
A2 No Controlling
A3 Bootlegger's Son
A4 Another Night
A5 All Your Friends
A6 Untill Now
A7 The Loneley Road Nowhere
B1 Join The Ranks
B2 The Tune Of Leisure Pace
B3 Looming Disaster
B4 Red Light's Tinge
B5 Last Word Spoken
B6 The Holidays