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Nowherebound - Mockingbirds LP (IMPORT)


Image of Nowherebound - Mockingbirds LP (IMPORT)

Nowherebound come from Austin, TX and they're damn good. This is their 2015 album. Their 2016 album was a part of the Get-Punk Subscription once upon a time. We got the last of those records. This band is very much worth your time and attention.

A1 Here I Am
A2 That Was Yesterday
A3 Culture Zero
A4 Two Introverts
A5 Pickup Truck
A6 Lonely As You
B1 Always And Forever
B2 Hell We Sent Over
B3 Throwing Rocks
B4 On A Long Night
B5 Rock N Roll
B6 Once Were Warriors
B7 Mockingbirds