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*NEW* Nowhere Bound - Mourning Glory 2xLP (color vinyl)


Image of *NEW* Nowhere Bound - Mourning Glory 2xLP (color vinyl)

SLR032 - Nowhere Bound - Mourning Glory 2xLP on white vinyl

This isn't a full on SLR release. The band did this themselves but they had labels buy in to help fund the pressing. That's the sort of the creative thinking that SLR wants to support. Not to mention, Nowhere Bound are one of the best underground bands out there today.

Nowhere Bound are from Austin, TX. This is their 6th album. To be honest, I didn't think they, or any band of our level, to be able to top their last album, Hearts & Arrows, which was airtight front to back. On top of that, they were going for a double album which is an ambitious endeavor for any band. They pulled it off! This double album walks you through all different areas of underground punk and it will keep your attention. These guys are like a secret bomb happening in Austin. Come one, come all. This band is outstanding. You've got to hear it to believe it.

A1 Frankfurt AM
A2 Mourning Glory
A3 Six Hearts On Fire
A4 No Horse Town
A5 Southpaw
B1 Unbreakable
B2 Featherfist
B3 The One
B4 A Blessing & A Curse
B5 By Art Or Design
C1 Shields & Colors
C2 Love To All
C3 The Hideout
C4 This Ship Can Float On Hope
C5 Tattooed Sunshine
D1 Forever Blue
D2 La Frontera
D3 Leap Of Faith
D4 JP Magic