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  • Image of Nothington on vinyl
  • Image of Nothington on vinyl
  • Image of Nothington on vinyl

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Nothington is one of the best bands out there today. It's said that they're wrapping it up by the end of 2018 but their music will certainly remain popular well into the future.

In The End LP $15.99
Nothington's incredible final album.

A1 Already There
A2 Cobblestones
A3 The Lies I Need
A4 Burn After Reading
A5 End Transmission
B6 Things We Used to Say
B7 Nothing but Beaches
B8 The Hard Way
B9 It Comes and Goes
B10 Capture
B11 In the End

Lost Along The Way LP $14.99
This is an excellent compilation album of comp tracks and rarities along with some acoustic and live tracks. It's great.

A1 Solid Ground
A2 Save This
A3 Idiot
A4 All The Way
A5 Not Looking Down (Acoustic)
A6 Tired Hearts
A7 More Than Obvious (Acoustic)
A8 In Flames (Acoustic)
B1 End Of The Day (Acoustic)
B2 Down The Road (Acoustic)
B3 Rob The Band
B4 Long Way Back
B5 Far To Go (Live In Germany)
B6 A Mistake (Live In Germany)
B7 The Escapist (Live In Germany)
B8 The Last Time (Live In Germany)

Borrowed Time LP $14.99
Their first album on Red Scare and their 3rd overall.

A1 Captive Audience
A2 Where I Can't Be Found
A3 Far To Go
A4 End Of The Day
A5 To Hold On
A6 The Escapist
B1 St. Andrews Hall
B2 Hopeless
B3 Don't Have To Wait
B4 Ordinary Lives
B5 I Should Say

Roads, Bridges And Ruins LP $15.99
Nothinton's second album and their only one on BYO Records. This is a popular one.

A1 A Mistake
A2 If You Say So
A3 Another Day
A4 Not Looking Down
A5 Stop Screaming
B1 The Ocean
B2 This Conversation Ends
B3 Meant To Lose
B4 Best For Me
B5 Sleep Tight

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