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NOFX albums on vinyl


Image of NOFX albums on vinyl
  • Image of NOFX albums on vinyl
  • Image of NOFX albums on vinyl

Albums in stock are subject to change. While MOST records in this section are $18.99, there are exceptions that you'll see in the selection drop-box.

First Ditch Effort LP
A1 Six Years On Dope
A2 Happy Father's Day
A3 Sid And Nancy
A4 California Drought
A5 Oxy Moronic
A6 I Don't Like Me Anymore
A7 I'm A Transvest-lite
B1 Ditch Effort
B2 Dead Beat Mom
B3 Bye Bye Biopsy Girl
B4 It Ain't Lonely At The Bottom
B5 I'm So Sorry Tony
B6 Generation Z

Frisbee LP
A1 We Called It America
A2 The Quitter
A3 First Call
A4 My Orphan Year
A5 Blasphemy (The Victimless Crime)
A6 Creeping Out Tegan
B1 Eddie, Bruce, And Paul
B2 Best God In Show
B3 Suits And Ladders
B4 The Agony Of Victory
B5 I Am An Alcoholic
B6 One Million Coasters

The War On Errorism LP
A1 The Separation Of Church And Skate
A2 The Irrationality Of Rationality
A3 Franco Un-American
A4 Idiots Are Taking Over
A5 Shes Nubs
A6 Mattersville
A7 Decom-poseur
B1 Medio-core
B2 Anarchy Camp
B3 American Errorist (I Hate Hate Haters)
B4 We Got Two Jealous Agains
B5 13 Stitches
B6 Re-gaining Unconsciousness
B7 Whoops, I OD'd

The Decline 12" $15.99
A The Decline
B Clams Have Feelings Too

*NEW* NoFX - Ribbed: Live In a Dive LP $19.99
Fat Wreck Chords has finally brought back the Live In a Dive series and with a one-album spin. NOFX perform their album Ribbed in full.

A1 Green Corn
A2 The Moron Brothers
A3 Showerdays
A4 Food, Sex & Ewe
A5 Just The Flu
A6 El Lay
A7 New Boobs
B1 Cheese/Where's My Slice?
B2 Together On The Sand
B3 Nowhere
B4 Brain Constipation
B5 Gonoherpasyphilaids
B6 I Don't Want You Around
B7 The Malachi Crunch

Self-Entitled LP $19.99
A1 72 Hookers
A2 I Believe In Goddess
A3 Ronnie & Mags
A4 She Didn't Lose Her Baby
A5 Secret Society
A6 I, Fatty
B1 Cell Out
B2 Down With The Ship
B3 My Sycophant Others
B4 This Machine Is 4
B5 I've Got One Jealous Again, Again
B6 Xmas Has Been X'ed

S&M Airlines
A1 Day To Daze
A2 Five Feet Under
A3 Professional Crastination
A4 Mean People Sick
A5 Vanilla Sex
A6 S & M Airlines
B1 Drug Free America
B2 Life O'Riley
B3 You Drink You Drive You Spill
B4 Scream For Change
B5 Jaundiced Eye

Wolves in Wolves Clothing LP
A1 60%
A2 USA-holes
A3 Seeing Double At The Triple Rock
A4 We March To The Beat Of Indifferent Drum
A5 The Marxist Brothers
A6 The Man I Killed
A7 Benny Got Blowed Up
A8 Leaving Jesusland
B1 Getting High On The Down Low
B2 Cool And Unusual Punishment
B3 Wolves In Wolves' Clothing
B4 Cantado En Español
B5 100 Times Fuckeder
B6 Instant Crassic
B7 You Will Lose Faith
B8 One Celled Creature
B9 Doornails
B10 60% (Reprise)

Liberal Animation LP $21.99
A1 Shutup Already
A2 Freedumb
A3 Here Comes The Neighborhood
A4 A200 Club
A5 Sloppy English
A6 You Put Your Chocolate In My Peanut Butter
A7 Mr. Jones
B1 Vegetarian Mumbo Jumbo
B2 Beer Bong
B3 Piece
B4 I Live In A Cake
B5 No Problems
B6 On The Rag
B7 Truck Stop Blues