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NOFX albums on vinyl (90's)


Image of NOFX albums on vinyl (90's)
  • Image of NOFX albums on vinyl (90's)
  • Image of NOFX albums on vinyl (90's)
  • Image of NOFX albums on vinyl (90's)
  • Image of NOFX albums on vinyl (90's)

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Liberal Animation LP $21.99
A1 Shutup Already
A2 Freedumb
A3 Here Comes The Neighborhood
A4 A200 Club
A5 Sloppy English
A6 You Put Your Chocolate In My Peanut Butter
A7 Mr. Jones
B1 Vegetarian Mumbo Jumbo
B2 Beer Bong
B3 Piece
B4 I Live In A Cake
B5 No Problems
B6 On The Rag
B7 Truck Stop Blues

White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean LP $19.99
NOFX's 1992 classic is back in stock at a new lower price.

A1 Soul Doubt
A2 Stickin In My Eye
A3 Bob
A4 You're Bleeding
A5 Straight Edge
A6 Liza And Louise
A7 The Bag
B1 Please Play This Song On The Radio
B2 Warm
B3 I Wanna Be Your Baby
B4 Johnny Appleseed
B5 She's Gone
B6 Buggley Eyes

Punk in Drublic LP (20th Anniversary Edition) $22.99
NOFX's 1994 classic was last pressed in 2014. I haven't been able to get them in a while. Maybe it's been repressed again. I don't know.....

A1 Linoleum
A2 Leave It Alone
A3 Dig
A4 The Cause
A5 Don't Call Me White
A6 My Heart Is Yearning
A7 Perfect Government
A8 The Brews
B1 The Quass
B2 Dying Degree
B3 Fleas
B4 Lori Meyers
B5 Jeff Wears Birkenstocks
B6 Punk Guy
B7 Happy Guy
B8 Reeko
B9 Scavenger Type

Eating Lamb LP (Heavy Petting Zoo) $19.99
NOFX's 1996 classic. The CD version was released as Heavy Petting Zoo and had alternate cover art.

A1 Hobophobic (Scared Of Bums)
A2 Philthy Phil Philanthropist
A3 Freedom Lika Shopping Cart
A4 Bleeding Heart Disease
A5 Hot Dog In A Hallway
A6 Release The Hostages
A7 Liza
B1 What's The Matter With Kids Today?
B2 Love Story
B3 The Black And White
B4 Whatever Didi Wants
B5 August 8th
B6 Drop The World

So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes LP $21.99
NOFX's 1997 classic back in stock for the first time in 2 years. Many of the Epitaph-era albums are coming back into circulation.

A1 It's My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite
A2 Kids Of The K-Hole
A3 Murder The Government
A4 Monosyllabic Girl
A5 180 Degrees
A6 All His Suits Are Torn
A7 All Outta Angst
A8 I'm Telling Tim
A9 Champs Elysées
B1 Dad's Bad News
B2 Kill Rock Stars
B3 Eat The Meek
B4 The Desperation's Gone
B5 Flossing A Dead Horse
B6 Quart In Session
B7 Falling In Love

The Decline 12" $13.99
NOFX's legendary 18 minute song. Plus a b-side. Pressed on a 12" EP.

A The Decline
B Clams Have Feelings Too

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