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Red City Radio - Paradise LP


Image of Red City Radio - Paradise LP

This band put out one of the best punk rock EP's I've ever heard in 2017? SkyTigers and it's on Red Scare. Then they went on the road for a long time playing with big bands like Taking Back Sunday even. They're back now with their new full length on Pure Noise. Red City Radio are a bright light for the future of rock music.

A1 Where Does The Time Go?
A2 Baby Of The Year
A3 Did You Know?
A4 Love A Liar
A5 Young, Beautiful & Broke
A6 100,000 Candles
B1 Paradise
B2 Edmond Girls
B3 Doin' It For Love
B4 Apocalypse, Please!
B5 Fremont Casino
B6 Gutterland