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Misfits - Collection 1 LP


Image of Misfits - Collection 1 LP

This 1986 compilation was curated by Glenn Danzig himself. Not sure why he left so many great songs on the shelf for another 10 years while duplicating some songs readily available on Walk Among Us or Earth AD but whatevs.

A1 She
A2 Hollywood Babylon
A3 Bullet
A4 Horror Business
A5 Teenagers From Mars
A6 Night Of The Living Dead
A7 Where Eagles Dare
A8 Vampira
A9 I Turned Into A Martian
A10 Skulls
B1 London Dungeon
B2 Ghouls Night Out
B3 Astro Zombies
B4 Mommy Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?
B5 Die, Die My Darling
B6 Earth A.D.
B7 Devilock
B8 Death Comes Ripping
B9 Green Hell
B10 Wolfsblood