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Madball on vinyl!


Image of Madball on vinyl!
  • Image of Madball on vinyl!
  • Image of Madball on vinyl!
  • Image of Madball on vinyl!
  • Image of Madball on vinyl!

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Madball - Set It Off LP (IMPORT) $26.99
Madball's 1994 debut that turned the hardcore world on its side and launched a new wave of NYHC legends. This record will rip your face off. Figuratively speaking.

A1 Set It Off
A2 Lockdown
A3 New York City
A4 Never Had It
A5 It's Time
A6 C.T.Y.C. (R.I.P.)
B1 Across Your Face
B2 Down By Law
B3 Spit On Your Grave
B4 Face To Face
B5 Smell The Bacon (What's With You?)
B6 Get Out
B7 The World Is Mine
B8 Friend Or Foe

Madball - Demonstrating My Style LP (IMPORT) $26.99
Their second LP and their landmark album. Originally released in 1996 on Roadrunner Records, this version is an import on Music on Vinyl.

A1 Demonstrating My Style
A2 Unity
A3 Live Or Die
A4 Pride (Times Are Changing)
A5 Streets Of Hate
A6 Back Of The Bus
A7 Hardcore Still Lives
B1 Nuestra Familia
B2 5-0
B3 Addict
B4 True To The Game
B5 Godfather
B6 In Memory Of...
B7 Ball Of Destruction
B8 Your Fall

Madball - Look My Way LP $22.99
A1 Look My Way
A2 Moment Of Truth
A3 Cut Off
A4 Temptation Or Restraint
A5 Waste Of Time
A6 False Threats
B7 Pushin' Me
B8 Walk Away
B9 Our Family
B10 Lesson Of Life
B11 All I Can Take
B12 Been There, Done That

Madball - Infiltrate the System LP $19.99
A1 We The People
A2 Infiltrate The System
A3 Revolt
A4 No Escape
A5 The Takeover
A6 Renegades
A7 Set Me Free
B1 The Messenger
B2 Liberty Or Death
B3 Novelty
B4 You're Gone
B5 P.Y.I.T.F. (Part 3)
B6 Stand Up N.Y.
B7 Straight From The Heart

Madball - For the Cause LP
Their most recent album released in 2018. This album was produced by Tim Armstrong of Rancid and features a guest spot by Ice-T. This record is on blue vinyl which is limited to 400 copies.

A1 Smile Now Pay Later
A2 Rev Up
A3 Freight Train
A4 Tempest
A5 Old Fashioned
A6 Evil Ways
A7 Lone Wolf
B1 Damaged Goods
B2 The Fog
B3 Es Tu Vida
B4 For You
B5 For The Cause
B6 Confessions (Bonus Track)

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