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Lifetime - Hello Bastards LP (indie clear vinyl)


Image of Lifetime - Hello Bastards LP (indie clear vinyl)

LIFETIME was formed in 1990 by singer Ari Katz (ex-Enuf) and guitarist Dan Yemin with it's roots in the New York/New Jersey hardcore scene. In contrast to the negative, sometimes violent tone promulgated by their New York hardcore contemporaries, lyricist Katz emphasized more positive, personal themes in their two-minute songs. By 1995, the band achieved some form of stability with the addition of Pete Martin (guitar), David Palaitis (bass), and Scott Golley (drums). That same year, they released their second album, Hello Bastards on Jade Tree Records. Hello Bastards marked a slight shift in direction, incorporating more melodic punk leanings over a driving hardcore tempo. Ari Katz's lyrics, though sometimes undecipherable, dealt mainly with more introspective and personal themes such as relationships and youthful disaffection. Hello Bastards also includes a cover of "It's Not Funny Anymore" by the seminal 1980s alternative rock band Hüsker Dü, hinting at the band's musical influences. Lifetime decided to disband in 1997. After disbanding, Dan Yemin went on to become a member of two other punk bands, the shortlived Kid Dynamite and Paint It Black. Dave Palaitis, Ari Katz, and his wife Tannis Kristjanson went on to form the now defunct Zero Zero. They now play in Miss TK and the Revenge.

A1 Daneurysm
A2 Rodeo Clown
A3 Anchor
A4 I'm Not Calling You
A5 Bobby Truck Tricks
A6 (The Gym Is) Neutral Territory
B1 I Like You OK
B2 It's Not Funny Anymore
B3 Irony Is For Suckers
B4 What She Said
B5 Knives Bats New Tats
B6 Ostrichsized