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(UPCOMING RELEASE) Kid Dynamite - s/t LP (indie color vinyl)


Image of (UPCOMING RELEASE) Kid Dynamite - s/t LP (indie color vinyl)

Kid Dynamite's first album was, and always will be a masterpiece. It will influence hardcore bands down the line. Hell, it probably already has. If you loved Lifetime, you'll love this. Or, if you're just looking for a good hardcore listen, pick this up.

PLEASE NOTE: You are reserving a copy of this LP which is expected to be released on or around 01/17/2020. Dates are subject to change. Sometimes they show up early but usually they're delayed. Anything ordered in conjunction with this record will be held until this item arrives. If you're thinking or ordering records and don't want to wait for them then consider a separate order.

A1 Pause
A2 K05-0564
A3 Sweet Shop Syndicate
A4 Table 19
A5 Ph. Decontrol
A6 Showoff
A7 Bookworm
A8 Scarysmurf
A9 The Ronald Miller Story
A10 Bench Warmer
B1 Zuko's Back In Town
B2 Never Met The Gooch
B3 News At 11
B4 32 Frames Per Second
B5 Pacifier
B6 3 O'Clock
B7 Shiner
B8 Wrist Rocket
B9 Fuckuturn