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Johnny Rioux's CowbOi! - LP (Import)


Image of Johnny Rioux's CowbOi! - LP (Import)

Johnny Rioux (Street Dogs, Bruisers, FM359) on his first solo album. Here Johnny comes up with the brilliant idea of playing acoustic and country versions of Oi and hardcore classics. This record doesn't appear to be available in the US which is a crime. Check it out.

A1 Working (Cock Sparrer)
A2 If The Kids Are United (Sham 69)
A3 Voice Of A Generation (Blitz)
A4 Someones Gona Die (Blitz)
A5 Society's Fools (The Bruisers)
B1 Crucified (Iron Cross)
B2 ACAB (The 4Skins)
B3 Oi Oi Oi (Cockney Rejects)
B4 Police Oppression (Angelic Upstarts)
B5 Evil In The Brain (Blood for Blood)