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Iron Reagan - Crossover Ministry LP


Image of Iron Reagan - Crossover Ministry LP

These are very difficult to keep in stock. Imagine Paul Russo from the Unseen singing for a metal band. That's Iron Reagan. Great songs. They're all the rage. Even hitting the road with Bouncing Souls.

1A A Dying World
2A You Never Learn
3A Grim Business
4A Dead With My Friends
5A No Sell
6A Condition Evolution
7A Fuck The Neighbors
8A Power Of The Skull
9A Crossover Ministry
1B More War
2B Blatant Violence
3B Parents Of Tomorrow
4B Bleed The Fifth
5B Megachurch
6B Shame Spiral
7B Dogsnotgods
8B Eat Or Be Eaten
9B Twist Your Fate